Hello, and welcome to my web-site. I appreciate your interests in Biology, and am glad you are exploring our Division’s web-site. Below is information regarding my own program here at Elmira College. If you have any questions regarding our Division please feel free to contact me.

My research interests have to a large degree included undergraduate students here at Elmira College, and participating students have found this experience invaluable to starting their own careers. I have published on topics of plant salt tolerance and seed germination, the history of the once lost Lucy Herbarium, plant field studies from San Salvador Island, The Bahamas, and teaching biology to majors and non-majors. Research collaborators have included my students and colleagues here are Elmira College, at Cornell University, in Iran, and in Pakistan. I have also been on many Doctoral Review Boards for students at the University of Karachi, Pakistan.

At Elmira College I teach a number of classes. For Biology Majors I teach General Biology I to incoming first-year students. This course gives students a solid background in respiration, mitosis/meiosis, DNA replication, etc. Upper-level courses I teach include General Botany, Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology, and a field course on the less developed Bahamian island of San Salvador. In addition, I enjoy teaching my non-majors courses including Plants & Peoples, Field Botany, Science of Flight, the Bahamas course, etc. I have taught courses outside of my division for the Freshman Studies program and a travel course to Poland. Before coming to Elmira College I have taught Plant Ecology, Foundations of Biological Sciences II, and Principles of Natural Resource Management.

In addition to teaching and research, I serve the college community in a number of ways. I have advised approximately 24 students each year for the past several years, and I take this responsibility very seriously. I make sure my advisees graduate on time! I assist in the care of the college greenhouse, and am the curator of the Elmira College Herbarium (ECH: Index Herbariorum).