How to Apply

Have you done original research as part of a class?  Have you worked with a faculty member to produce a research project?  If so, you are eligible to present your research as part of the Elmira College Student Research Conference.  On May 9th, you will have the opportunity to give a paper presentation on your research topic, or share your research in the format of a poster presentation.

To apply for this event, you must submit an abstract that provides a summary of your research project by Friday, April 13th.  (Abstracts should be brief, edited to approximately 100-150 words.) The abstract should tell us what your research project set out to discover, as well as describe your methodology and summarize your findings.  Please also indicate if you would prefer to give a paper presentation or present your work as a research poster.  There will be some funding available for the printing of research posters if you don't already a printed copy of your poster.  You will be notified if you have been accepted by the end of Spring Break, and there will be a meeting in Term III to help you prepare.

Please visit the Abstract Submissions page to submit your abstract.