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I take an expansive view of history--as far as I'm concerned, history is everything that humans have done up until one second ago--and by training and inclination I'm a very interdisciplinary kind of person. My courses therefore tend to range pretty widely, including the influence of social, cultural, political, economic, and gender developments on the societies that we study.

The chart below lists the courses that I teach on a regular basis, and gives you some idea of how often I teach them and when I will be offering them next. You will also find links to the syllabus for the course from the most recent time I taught it:
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CourseSyllabus (PDF)Offered next:
CourseSyllabus (PDF)Offered next:
HIS 1500 European History I every Fall term 
HIS 1501 European History II every Winter term 
HIS 1938 The Holocaust & 20th-Century Genocide Spring 2018 
HIS 2503 History of England to 1688 Winter 2017-18 
HIS 2504 History of England since 1688 Fall 2016 
HIS 2506 Modern Russian History Winter 2016-17 
HIS 3510 Renaissance Italy 2017-18 
HIS 3515 Tudor England 2018-19 
HIS 3520 The French Revolution and Napoleon Fall 2016 
HIS 3525 European Totalitarianism 2017-18 
HIS 4590 Senior Seminar Winter 2016-17 
HIS/WMS 1910 Women in European History TBD 
SSC 1915 Behind the Headlines: Understanding the Contemporary World Spring 2018 
SSC 1919 (travel course) The Long Shadows: The Legacy of Nazi and Soviet Occupation of Eastern Europe Spring 2017 
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