I currently have a three-tiered research agenda. The first tier is in pedagogy with regard to teaching corporate finance, offering cases relating to the practice of finance as well as how to present finance issues in the classroom. While there are a number of things I enjoy about research, I am a teacher at heart, and developing new methods or approaches to teaching is quite satisfying for me.

The second tier is related to the equity risk premium, with an emphasis on how the relationship between risk and return changes over time, and how we can use this understanding to make investment decisions. Most of this research is data-driven and involves econometric analysis of fundamental data. Much of my doctoral work was in the area of econometrics, and I enjoy this type of work very much.

The third tier is flexible, focusing on governmental policy. Over the past several years this research has involved several of my colleagues at Dominican University, and these research relationships have been very productive for me. We produced several papers in the area of banking policy in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Currently our work relates to the student loan crisis.