Resume QR Code


A QR (Quick Response) Code is a square bar code that is composed of an array of black square dots on a white background. The data that is store in each unique QR code is typically read by a smartphone's camera using a special QR reader app. For a list of readers go to . Below is the QR code for Elmira College's web site: . 

Using a reader such as QR Reader for iPhone or Android phone you can scan the code, which will then open your smartphone's web browser and go directly to home page. Although this process is a lot of effort to simply go to the College's home page, a QR code can be useful when printed on analog media. Read the article Wildlife refuge on island of Sanibel, Florida, introduces iNature Trail for smartphone users . Called iNature Trail, the program utilizes QR Codes located around the refuge. Once scanned, the codes will bring up YouTube videos and other informative resources for an enhanced experience in nature.  

QR Code for your resume 

You can create a personal QR Code that allows smartphones to scan the code in your printed resume to your e-portfolio's home page. Let's use this sample e-portfolio: to learn how. The process uses a URL shortening service called  
  • Click the Shorten button.
  • Click the Copy button to copy the case-sensitive shortened URL, which in our example is
  • Create a new tab in your web browser and paste the shortened URL in the address bar but do not press Return or Enter just yet.
  • Add the suffix .qr (dot followed by lower case q and r) to the end of your shortened URL like this:
  • Press the Return or Enter key to bring up the QR code for your web address. 
  • Drag the image to your desktop to copy the .png image file to your compouter. Use this file to insert into your Word resume and then create a PDF.