Outside Interests

When I’m not teaching, practicing or grading assignments, I love to watch movies, hike in the woods or ballroom dance with my wife. I jog and weight lift, activities that I have done since I was a teenager. My musical tastes are rather diverse, from classical to jazz, Carpenters to Led Zeppelin. I like to bring my dog, Jasper, to visit campus on a regular basis. I also enjoy puzzles—I do crossword and Sudoku puzzles almost every day.

I love to travel, and have been overseas twice—to Japan in 2005, and to Scotland in 2011. My wife and I are members of the Horseheads Sister City Association (my wife served as president for several years), which involves an annual exchange of students from Nakagawa (formerly Bato Machi), Japan, and Horseheads, New York. I lead the adult travelers from Japan on a tour of Elmira College every year. The Spicer home has hosted Japanese students a number of times, both for the Horseheads Sister City Association and for Elmira College’s ESL summer program.

While visiting my oldest daughter in Edinburgh, Scotland, I enjoyed the keyboard collection at St. Cecilia's Hall.

My wife and I hope that many more travels are in our future.

A double-manual harpsichord (1755) in St. Cecilia's Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland.

At a temple, Bato Machi, Japan.

With visitors from Japan in front of the Mark Twain
Study, Elmira College campus.