Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy follows a simple formula of empower and challenge: empowering students to engage the materials personally and as groups, while challenging them to make connections between their background knowledge and their studies, empowering them to read critically and feel confident in their skills to do good research while challenging them to deploy their skills in order to build a dynamic and creative understanding of the concrete course content. I take a similar approach as a mentor working closely with students to help them grow as young scholars and members of the larger community challenging them to bridge the gap between their studies and the world around themselves.

Overall, my courses are structured both chronologically and topically emphasizing the variety of historical methods while teaching students to focus on the basics: critical thinking, primary sources, clear and concise writing that is supported by well documented research, and finally a fine mix of curiosity and passion. In class, image and video materials are used to build layers to the knowledge acquisition process and create natural transition points from lecturing to discussion and back again keeping the students engaged in the materials.