Term 3 Travel Courses

One of the features that attracted me to Elmira College was the opportunity to teach and travel abroad with students in the Spring term.  Below are some of the places that we have traveled to and I hope to add to this list in the future.

In Spring 2013, I traveled to Brazil and co-taught a course which focused on race, culture and identity.  We traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Iguasso Falls, Manuas and the Amazon and ended in Salvador de Bahia.  To read about our travels go to the course blog.

In Spring 2014 I taught an economics course which involved travel to Peru.  Students studied how differences in geography and environment can contribute to regional differences in economic development. We also examined the link between the environment and sustainable development. Our travels took us from the highlands of the Andes to the jungles of the Amazon; from islands in Lake Titicaca to an oasis in Colca Canyon.  If you want to read about our experiences in Peru go to the course blog.

After we returned from Peru, my students and I gave the following slide presentation to my kids' fourth and six grade classes:

In Spring 2015, I co-taught a course on globalisation which took us to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  We studied how global forces had shaped the economy, culture, and society of these regions from pre-colonial times to the present-day.  Some of the highlights of our travels included cruise on Halong Bay, a tour of Saigon on the backs of vintage Italian Vespas (scooters), sampling of street food including crickets, bugs and ants and a tour of Angkor Wat,  To read details about our travels in South-East Asia visit the course blog.

This is the presentation I gave to my daughter's (now) fifth grade class: