My Family and Other Animals

No, I did not come up with this title all by myself. Those of you who are fans of Gerald Durrell (author/naturalist) will certainly recognize it.

Unlike Durrell's family we don't live on the enchanting Greek island of Corfu, but instead in the thriving metropolis of Big Flats (albeit near some very lovely hills). Our household is quite a bit like Menagerie Manor and although I've never traveled with A Zoo in My Luggage, at times it has felt like it. So here they are (listed in order of difficulty): a large exuberant black lab mix, three children (currently ages 16, 11 and 13), one husband, and two naughty cats. Then there are my assorted house-plants but I haven't named them yet. My mother, two brothers and their families still live in Pakistan.

After the critters in my care are washed, fed and generally happy I can decide what to do with 'my time'. Economists would recognize this as a problem of scarcity. I make lots of lists so I know what to do with this scarce resource (optimisation) but often I spend too much of my time on making the lists (inefficiency).


These are a Few of My Favourite Things

When I find myself unexpectedly with some of this time on hand, I like to read (fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes), organise (or think of organising), take photographs (although then one has to sort them, not fun), cook (try new recipes), entertain (Paul and I both enjoy having friends over), watch movies and catch up on TV shows I’ve missed (Netflix has ruined me) and travel (we love visiting friends, family and new places).  As my kids have gotten older I have enjoyed reading what they are 'in to', sampling juvenile fiction and the young adult genre of books.

Here’s what  I’m currently reading (June 2015): The Book Thief, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi.

This is what I’m currently watching (June 2015): Game of Thrones, Arrow, Daredevil (both of these latter two with my 16 year old son), Downtown Abbey (cannot get anyone in my family to watch), The Middle, The Goldbergs (how I miss the ‘80s), Gray’s Anatomy (still cannot believe they killed McDreamy!).

My family and I are all HUGE Star Wars fans. I have watched the old trilogy more times than I can remember and have clocked many hours on the new prequels (this time around with my kids who are also big fans).  Our first dog was named Chewbacca and our current mutt is called Tarfful (for you non-Star Wars humans, they are both Wookies).  Along with my kids, I've also watched the Harry Potter films more times than I can count.

My favourite authors : Jane Austen, Gerald Durrell, P.G. Wodehouse, Dean Koontz, Robert Ludlum, Alistair Mclean.

Music: In the good old days (when I didn't have to compete for air time) my favourite bands/musicians were (and mostly still are): The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Deep Purple, Def Leppard, Bruce Springsteen, ELO and Dire Straits. Now you can reeeaally guess how old I am.   My kids can recognise the opening strings of Hotel California and sing the words to Stayin' Alive as well as anyone : )