My career as a professor began at the University of Connecticut studying Spanish Literature as a graduate student and teaching undergraduate Spanish courses. I simply loved teaching college students. But I also loved modern dance, so after finishing my MA, I taught Spanish at private high schools for a decade while performing in small dance companies in Connecticut and New York City. I also taught dance (the Humphrey technique) to children at the studio of the late Ernestine Stodelle, and I wrote dance reviews for major newspapers in Connecticut.

After a nice stint in the NYC downtown modern dance scene performing and also working as an arts administrator for Meredith Monk, I returned to academia to study for my PhD in Hispanic Literature. I also began to practice yoga, and become a certified Kripalu instructor. I taught yoga in New York City and in the Hudson Valley, prior to coming to Elmira.

I enjoy all my Spanish classes at EC, from the language courses up to the electives in literature. I look forward to lunches every Friday at the Spanish Table in MacKenzie’s. And I appreciate being able to end the day teaching yoga to EC students.