Outside Interests

Like many in the academic profession, I often get my news from NPR and read books on policy, politics, history, and some biographies, I also read books in science fiction (Orson Scott Card, Robert Heinlein, Kim Stanley Robinson, to name a few), and by authors like John Grisham, David Baldacci, David Lodge, and Steve Berry. Though not much into football or hockey these days, I have on occasion watched basketball (I used to follow the Nets before they moved to New Jersey). My real sports passion is following the Mets - I'm a glutton for punishment! When I was at the University at Buffalo I was captain of an intramural softball team that won 2 campus wide championships - I played first base.

Aside from loving my role as a "grampa" or "pop" and spending time with family, most of my free time in the past was spent involved in politics. Since 1970 I have been an active Democrat or an avid observer of politics. I have run for office, served as the elected representative for my county (Chemung) on the NY State Democratic Committee, and have been a member of the Chemung County Democratic Committee. I also represented part of Erie County, NY on the State Committee as well.  I have been a guest at two Democratic National Conventions and while in Denver in 2008 provided on site political analysis for WENY-TV. If you look closely at the banner above you see a few of the many personalities I have had the chance to meet during my time in politics. Starting on the left is then Senator Hillary Clinton, after the classroom photo that's me with former presidential candidate and later DNC Chair Howard Dean, to the right of that photo is one of me with 2000 presidential candidate (former US Senator and former NY Knicks basketball star) Bill Bradley, and all the way to the right is me with one of the stars of my favorite TV show (The West Wing) - Richard Schiff, who played White House Communications Director Toby Ziegler. These days, I consider myself retired from active politics to focus more on my professional activities and to limit conflicts of interest when called upon to provide political analysis for the media.

Each summer for the last several years I have spent time with my wife, Denise, on Cape Cod. We love the relaxed environment, the great food, and time away from the demands of everyday life.  Over the last few years we've also tried to get away somewhere warm during Winter or Spring Break and have visited the Florida Keys and Barbados.

Every so often Denise and I get out to see a movie together. We usually rotate between our preferences and see a range of movies from science fiction to romantic comedy.

I'm devoted to the Mets, even though it is probably not good for my health - mental or physical. Since The West Wing went off the air I've been searching for that singular religious experience on TV and haven't found it yet. Numb3rs came close and with it gone I found myself watching Castle, White Collar, Hawaii 5-0, The Big Bang Theory, Scandal, Suits, Madam Secretary, and Designated Survivor.