Ever wished you could read a web page without the distracting clutter of ads, sidebars, and animations? Fortunately, there is an Internet tool that strips most web pages down to the text we would like to focus on. 
  • Go to
  • Select your Settings: Style = Newspaper, Size = Medium, and Margin = Narrow are the most popular.
  • Drag the bookmarklet to the toolbar of any browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer)
  • Go to a web site such as: (Paying the Price for Loving Red Meat)
  • Click the Read Now button in your browser’s toolbar
  • All of the extraneous banners and sidebars are removed so all the article remains.
  • To adjust the font type and size, background color, and margins click the Aa button in the left sidebar. Click the curved Share button to e-mail the article, print the page, share it on Twitter or Facebook, or created an ePub document for reading on your tablet or smart phone.