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Word Quick Reference

The Ribbon

  • Replaces the menu and tool bars, making things easier to access. 
  • The tabs replace the menu from 2003. There are eight tabs total. 

File Tab

  • File management

Home Tab

  • This is where you will be typing your work. 
  • Here you can 
    • Access the clipboard
    • Change the font and paragraph style
  • New features

Insert Tab

  • Notice - the ribbon has changed, it will change for each of the nine tabs. 
  • Here you can 
    • Add a cover page, blank page, or add a page break
    • Insert a table, picture, clip art, shapes, smart art, hyper links and more
    • Add a header, footer or page number
    • Incorporate a text box, word art and more

Page Layout Tab

  • Here you can 
    • Add a theme, customize margins, add a watermark to enhance authenticity 
  • Change the layout of a picture. After you insert a picture, you will be able to choose where you want it on the document. 

Reference Tab

  • Here you can 
    • Easily create a table of contents, insert a footnote, add citations and a bibliography to your research papers. 
    • Insert captions, indexes, and tables of authorization.

Mailings Tab

  • Here you can 
    • Create labels, envelopes and mail merges.
    • You can also preview your results before you complete the merge. 
    • Saving a document as a PDF is also done in this tab with one click of a button.

Review Tab

  • Here you can 
    • Check your spelling & grammar, change the language, proof read other's work and track the changes. 
    • Another important feature is that you can protect the document so that others cannot edit it.

View Tab

  • Here you can 
    • Change the view, zoom in and out, see two pages, switch between windows and view the macros within the document.

Acrobat Tab

  • Here you can 
    • Create a PDF, Create a PDF and attach it to an e-mail, send for review as a PDF or create your own comments on a PDF.

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