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Quick Access

The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable toolbar that allows you to choose which buttons you want to appear consistently no matter what Tab you are in. This example shows how to do it in Word 2010, but can be done for any Microsoft Office 2010 software. 

  • Open the Microsoft 2010 application that you wish to customize the tool bar for. 
  • In the upper left hand corner click the eject symbol. 
  • Then click More Commands...  to view more customizable options. 

  • The Options table will pop up. In this case you see Word Options, this will look the same no matter which application you are customizing. 
  • You can choose which commands you want to have on your Quick Access toolbar by selecting on the option you want. 
  • Then by clicking Add
  • You will notice that they show up now in the column on the right. 
  • You can continue this for all of the commands you want to include in your quick access toolbar. 

  • Click OK. 
  • Notice that the options you chose now show up at the top of the application above the ribbon. 

  • You can move the Quick Access Toolbar under the ribbon for quicker access. 
  • Click on the eject symbol