PowerPoint Tabs Reference

File Tab

  • Notice that the Ribbon is different from the other applications in Office 2010.
  • Note, that it is very similar to Word and Excel 2010.
  • Save, look up recent documents, create a new  Power Point, Print and more. 

Home Tab

  • Cut, Copy and Paste as in other applications. 
  • Create a new slide, edit font, and paragraph. 
  • Insert and arrange shapes and more. 

Insert Tab

  • Insert a table, images, illustrations, link, text, symbols and media including videos or sound. 

Design Tab

  • Select the margin size and slide orientation. 
  • Choose a theme, customize fonts for the entire project. 
  • Edit background objects. 

Transitions Tab

  • Preview your slide show. 
  • Set how you want each slide to transition to the next, or set a transition for all the slides at once. 
  • Set the timing for each slide to advance to the next. 

Animations Tab

  • Customize and preview your animations.
  • Create customized timing for each animation.

Slide Show Tab

  • Start the slide show, rehearse timings, and record your slide show.

Review Tab

  • Spell check, create comments, and compare comments. 

View Tab

  • Change the presentation view, zoom in and out.
  • Change the color/gray-scale and more.

More ways to change the view

  • Located in the bottom right corner of Power Point.