Excel 2010

Note: If you open a workbook that was created in Excel 2003 it will say compatibility mode. To save the workbook as a 2010 document, go to save as on the file tab


Getting Started 

Notice that the ribbon is also used in Excel.

Note: The ribbon is used in all of Microsoft Office 2010 but changes depending on what program you are using.

File Tab

  • Here you can work with your spreadsheets:
  • Notice that by clicking on Info, recent, New, Print, Save and Send you are provided with more options.
  • Info provides information about the document, including properties, who created the spreadsheet, if there are any other versions, and deals with permissions and sharing. 
  • Recent will show you the recent workbooks you have created or edited. It will also show you recent places that you have saved files. 
  • New is where you can find access to templates or just create a blank workbook.
  • Print has printer settings information 
  • Save and Send allows you to save the workbook you are working on and send it as an e-mail attachment, save it as a PDF or XPS document. 
  • Options is also available under the File Tab.

Home Tab

Here you will find the clipboard, font, alignment, number, styles, cells, and editing. 

Insert Tab

Allows you to insert Tables, Illustrations, Charts, Sparklines, Filters, Links, Text and Symbols.

Page Layout

This tab allows you to choose a Theme, edit Page Setup, Scale to Fit, and provides Sheet Options. 


You can still enter a formula into the formula bar as you did in 2003. This option is available no matter what Tab you are in. 
  • You use the Formulas Tab when you need to find a function. The function library group will provide you with information about the functions. 
  • You are also able to conduct formula auditing, i.e. trace presidents, trace dependents etc. 
  • You can also set up calculations automatically or manually. 

Data Tab

Here you can 
  • Get external data
  • Create connections to another workbook
  • Sort and filter 
  • Use Data Tools
  • And more

Review Tab

This tab gives you access to 
  • Proof reading options
  • Translations
  • Comments
  • Changes

View Tab

The view tab allows you to change the view of your workbook.

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