Laptop Registration

Register Your Laptop or Wireless Device to Access the Elmira College Network

Bradford Campus Manager protects the Elmira College network by only allowing protected computers and wireless devices registered by members of the College community. When you connect your Mac, PC, or mobile or gaming device to the College network and start a web browser, you will be redirected to the registration page: 

itregister/registration (on campus only).

Follow these steps
  • Click Users who have an ELMIRA COLLEGE account to bring up the logon screen.
Users who have Elmira College account
  • Enter your full e-mail address and password [1] and click Login [2].
Enter email address and password
  • Your web browser displays whether your authentication attempt was successful
Progress bar to establish connection
  • Success: the computer is allowed on the campus wired network. Occasionally it may take a few minutes or a reboot of the computer in order to connect.
Connection reconfigured

Until it passes registration, the computer will be restricted to Web sites that are needed to secure your PC.

Any time the computer reboots or re-opens a web browser, it will be directed to the Bradford registration page until it is able to pass.