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Subscribing to Blogs

In brief Google Reader allows you to collect subscriptions: new feeds, blog posts and comments, and podcasts into a front page that acts like a control panel. Below is a screen shot of a Google Reader screen. The subscriptions are organized in folders on the left and the actual items (e.g. blog posts, new articles) are on the right. Let’s add your blog as a subscription. 

  • Go to the bottom page of your blog and Control-click or Right-click on the Subscribe to Posts (Atom) and choose Copy Link.
  • Create a new tab in your browser and go to http://reader.google.com. 
  • You should automatically be signed in with your Google account:
  • If not, log in with your elmira.edu e-mail address like this:
  • Click the Add a subscription button in the left pane. 
  • Paste the link address into the box below.
  • Click the Add button. Your blog posts are listed in the right pane. 
  • Choose Show List to collapse the posts into single lines.