Syncing Shared Calendars & Deleting E-mail as Trash

The Mail, Contacts, and Calendar settings on your iPhone or iPad allow synchronization of your mail, contacts, and the calendars that you personally own. However, additional steps are required to sync (make changes) or display (read-only) calendars that are shared with you.
  • Sign in with your full e-mail address (e.g
  • Under Manage Devices tap to choose the iPad or iPhone that was last synced (most likely the top row).
  • Under Shared Calendars tap to check the box(es) before the the calendars that you want to sync or display.
When using the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad certain actions will have results in Gmail on the web different than what you might expect. For example, when you "delete" a message from your Apple mobile device, the default action is to archive the message, not putting it into Trash. For a complete list of these actions go to 
  • To truly delete a message with your iOS device check Enable "Delete Email as Trash" .
  • Important! Tap the Save button in the lower right corner for your screen. 
  • Repeat the process for your other iOS mobile devices as needed.