Calendar Basics

Quick Overview of Calendar

Calendar allows you to create events and set reminders by pop-ups, e-mails, and text messages. Your calendar can be shared with others and they with you (we recommend only choosing the busy-free option within to facilitate scheduling of events. 

You can invite people individually or by choosing a Contact group and keep track of their responses either by e-mail or Google Calendar. And like Gmail you can bring up your calendar on a mobile device such as a Blackberry, iPad, Android phone, or iPhone.

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Getting Started

  • Log on with your username (e.g. mtwain15) and password. For public lab computers do not check Stayed signed in.
  • Click the Calendar tab. 
  • Refer to a diagram below of the Calendar right side master menu that includes account information, density settings, and Calendar settings, help, and Labs. 

Calendar Settings 

  • Refer to the right side master menu.
  • Click the gear icon to the right of your address and choose Calendar settings.  
  • Under Calendar Settings choose the Calendar tab.
  • Choose Share this calendar or Shared: Edit settings in the row to the right of your calendar. Refer to the figure below.

Share Your Calendar in the Elmira College Organization (optional)
  • Check Share this calendar with others and Share this calendar with everyone in the domain Elmira College.
  • Do not check Make this calendar public.
  • Choose See only free/busy (hide details). 

Share with Specific People
  • Add the e-mail addresses of persons one-by-one under Share with specific people and click Add Person
  • To the right of each address choose one of these four options:
    • See only free/busy (hide details) - Level 1
    • See all event details - Level 2
    • Make changes to events - Level 3
    • Make changes AND manage sharing - Level 4
Attention! Enable Make changes AND manage sharing to others with caution. In this scenario you are typically delegating rights or sharing authorship of your calendar.   

  • Click the Save button to apply the permission settings for each person.

Creating an Event

  • Click the Create button in the left sidebar. Fill in the information for your event including when it starts and ends. 
  • Under Options choose Email Reminders and Pop-ups based on your scheduling needs. If your mobile device is set up to received your Gmail messages, then you will be reminded there as well!
  • Click in the Guests box and enter the e-mail addresses of your invitees. You can add Groups to your Guests list, which will automatically expand all addresses in that group.

  • Click the Save button and when prompted with Would you like to send invitations to guests, click Send. 
Attention! For recurring events apply the settings for Repeats, Repeat every, Repeat On, and Range. In this example the recurring event WECW meeting is scheduled every Thursday from 5 pm to 6 pm until its December 15, 2011.
  • Refer to the figure below, which displays the two sample events. You can hide and display events in your calendar by clicking your calendar name under My Calendars. 

Customizing Your Calendars

Google organizes calendars in colored layers that can be added, displayed, hidden, or removed. You start with a default calendar and can add others such as a calendar for your courses or if you prefer add all events together. You can also choose from a library of calendars such as holidays and sporting events.
  • In the left sidebar you can build a listing of personal calendars (My Calendars) and Other Calendars that you can add by browsing through a library, importing from other calendars, or a friend’s (shared) calendar.  
  • Let’s add other calendars. Choose Settings under My Calendars.
  • Click the General tab. Choose F or C in Show weather based on my locations.
  • Click the Save button. 
  • Again, choose Settings under My Calendars.
  • To the right of the General tab click the Calendars tab.
  • To the right side of your screen click Browse interesting calendars
  • Click the More tab and choose Subscribe to the right of Phases of the Moon or a calendar of interest to you. 
  • Click Back to Calendar.  The Weather and Phases of the Moon calendars are added to your list of Other calendars.

Calendar Labs

  • In the left sidebar choose Settings under My Calendar 
  • Click the Labs tab (you can also choose Labs from the gear icon to the right of your account address).   
  • Enable these settings in order from top to bottom:
    • Gentle Reminders
    • Event attachments
    • Year View
    • Background image
    • Free or busy
    • Jump to date
    • Next meeting
    • World clock
  • Click the Save button. Refer to your enhanced calendar and browse through and test the special features! Feel free of course to turn off those Lab features that do not meet your needs.
  • Click the Tasks calendar under My Calendars to show-hide the Tasks pane to the right of your calendar.
  • At the bottom of the Tasks pane click the + button  to add a new task and due date to your Tasks calendar. Tasks are displayed in the top row of your primary calendar under the due date.