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Recording with a Canon Vixia Camcorder

The Canon Vixia HF R400 camcorder can record audio with its built-in microphone or with a wireless microphone kit using the external MIC jack. The video camera is designed for setting up on a regular tripod - it is too heavy for a mini-tripod. There is no internal storage so you will need an SDHC card of 2GB or larger to save your video recordings, which are in .mp4 format by default. 

SDHC Card is required
  • If necessary switch the lens cover to open as shown in this diagram:
  • Open the LCD panel to automatically turn on the camcorder. The POWER/CHG indicator will light green.
  • The initial screen should display:
SD: Memory Card
Today's Date
  • If you receive warnings Check whether the lens cover is open or there is no memory card, be sure to resolve them. Refer to the section Inserting and Removing an SD card
  • The LCD panel will display the remaining minutes of battery charge, SD storage capacity (length of recording time), and MP4 video format. 
If the format is NOT MP4 or the battery charge is too low for sufficient recording, please contact the IT Help Desk.

  • Set up the camera on a tripod and position the camera. 
  • If you will be using a wireless microphone with this camera plug the curly audio cable into the camcorder's MIC jack but do not use the iPhone adapter cable. Go to this page for instructions on how to set up the wireless microphone kit
  • Press the START/STOP button (4) to record. The ACCESS indicator will continually blink red.

  • When you have completed the recording press the START/STOP button. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the camcorder off. Remove the SDHC card
  • Close the LCD panel and switch the lens cover to close.
Copying the recording from the SDHD card to your computer
  • If you do not have a card reader for your Mac or PC, you can use the Macintosh computers in the Computer Center, which have built-in readers on the side. 
  • Insert the SDHD card into the reader's slot. It will mount on your computer's desktop. 
  • Double click the icon, open the DCIM folder, and locate the video (e.g. MVI_0016.MP4) in a folder based on the date taken. 
  • Copy the video to your computer and rename it. You can then compress or trim the video as needed per the linked pages below.   
  • If you do not own the SD card be sure to trash the video and empty the trash or recycle bin. 
Images taken from Canon Vixia instructional manual: http://gdlp01.c-wss.com/gds/4/0300010414/04/hfr40-42-400-im2-n-en.pdf

Inserting and Removing an SD memory card
  • Press the ON/OFF button to turn off the camcorder. The POWER/CHG (2) indicator should be OFF before inserting the memory card. 

  • Open the memory card slot cover (3).
  • Gently insert the SDHD card at an angle. It can only go in one way. Press down until it clicks
  • Important! Roll back the cover over the memory card until it is hidden. The video camera will not record until the cover is shut. 
  • To remove a SD memory card open the cover and press on the top of the card to release it. 
Compressing and Trimming Your Video