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Recording with a Flip Video Camera

Printed Guide to Using a Flip Video Camera with Handbrake Compression PDF Quick View | Download

Flip Getting Started

Front and Side of Flip

Back and Side of Flip

Checkout and Check-in Checklist

  • Press the Power button to turn on the Flip. Please do not change the settings.
  • When checking out a Flip from the Help Desk make sure that all videos have been erased. Press the Delete button > choose All > press the Play (OK) button
  • If necessary use the charger to fully charge the battery. 

The battery indicator is approximate. For example if the level is 25% green, then there is approximately 30 minutes of charge left.
  • Record your video using a tripod. You may check out a mini-tripod or lightweight regular tripod from the IT Help Desk. 
We recommend that you rehearse recordings in advance to determine positioning and distance. The Flip will record audio without noticeable dropoff in volume within 15 to 20 feet of the sound source.
  • Connect the Flip to your PC or Mac USB drive and copy your recording(s) to the computer (refer to the section Copying your video).
  • Disconnect the Flip and make sure that the video plays on your computer!
  • Important! Compress your video before uploading it to a web server or burning it to a CD (refer to the section Compressing Your Recording).  
  • If you plan to upload your video to Google Drive, refer to the section Uploading Your Recording to Google Drive.
  • Before returning the Flip to the IT Help Desk make sure you have erased all videos to protect your privacy and the privacy of others. Press the Delete button > choose All > press the Play (OK) button.
  • Please note that a fine will be assessed if the Flip is not returned on time.  

Recording Video 

  • Press and release the red Record button to start recording and then press it again to stop the recording.
Reference: http://bit.ly/qlvtp1 (Cisco Web site)

Left Button
  • While the playback video is paused, press to skip to previous video.
  • During playback, press and hold to rewind.
Right Button
  • While the playback video is paused, press to skip to next video.
  • During playback, press and hold to fast forward.
Plus Button
  • While recording - press to zoom in.
  • During playback - press to increase volume.
Minus Button
  • While recording - press to zoom out.
  • During playback - press to decrease volume.

NOTE: You can only adjust the volume during playback.  The + and - buttons serve as digital zoom in/out while recording.

Copying Your Video

  • Carefully plug the Flip’s USB connector into the USB port of your computer. If the FlipShare software automatically starts choose FlipShare > Quit FlipShare to quit the application, which is no longer available for exporting.  
  • Create a folder such as Mark’s Videos on the your computer’s desktop using your first name to identify the folder.
  • Locate your video by opening the folder FLIPVIDEO > DCIM >100VIDEO. The FLIPVIDEO drive will display on your Macintosh deskop or within My Computer on your PC. 
  • Drag the video (e.g. VID00001.MP4) to your Mark’s Video folder and wait patiently for the copy to take place, which can take up to five minutes. Attention! Do not remove the camera from the USB drive until the video has fnished copying.

Compressing and Trimming Your Video

Uploading Your Recording to Google Drive

You can upload your recording to Google Drive for personal archiving. However, for final assessment you must upload the final video to your portfolio created with the Pearson ePortfolio System at http://edtpa.com