Photoshop CS5 Tutorials

This is an interactive training tutorial. You will be required to watch videos and complete the accompanying projects and then complete an advanced photo editing tutorial.

You will find the video tutorials here:

Continue reading to begin.

Photoshop Projects Directions:

Listed below are the video tutorials you are to watch (to find each tutorial on the website, first select the Photoshop icon in the Select a Product section, then scroll through the Title section to select a video). The name of the tutorial is bolded, underneath is an explanation of the project and materials you will need to use for each one. To use the pictures, right click or control-click on the images and choose Save Image As, or click and drag the images to your desktop.

*NOTE: Although the video tutorials are specified for Adobe Photoshop CS3, they are still applicable to Adobe Photoshop CS5 and will teach you some basic and essential skills.

Using layers

  • Take the following three pictures and create something similar to what was on the video.

Aligning Layers by Content

  • Use the following two pictures to create one using the technique learned in this video. In group shot number 3 Nicole has her eyes closed and her arms uncrossed. The final picture needs to have Nicole with her eyes opened and her arms uncrossed.

*NOTE: If you are having trouble using the paintbrush, make sure that the foreground color is set to black. Ask a consultant with further Photoshop experience for help if you are still having trouble.
  • There are two different sets of pictures that will be used to create one large image. The two sets are:
Set one:


Set two:


Using the animation palette

  • Create the following layers:
white background

circle centered

numbers 1 to 5 centered, each on a separate layer
  • Complete the same animations from the video
*NOTE FOR IT CONSULTANTS: This should be submitted as a .psd so the animations can be viewed.

Making and refining selections

  • Photoshop CS5 has some additional settings in the Refine Edge dialogue that are very useful. Watch the following video as well before editing the picture.
  • Use the following picture and cut Narayani out and put her on a pink background. You might need to use an eraser tool around her head.

Applying smart filters

  • Using the following picture, you will change the background using the techniques learned. Play around to find something you think looks good.

Changing filter and blending settings

  • Take the following photo and enhance it.

Converting color photos

  • Use the following picture to complete this section. The color accents will need to be done to the lilies.

Making lighting corrections

  • Take the following picture and lighten it so that you can see BonJovi, the picture will be a little fuzzy but that is ok.

  • Take the following picture and lighten the faces using the special brush.

  • Take the following picture and follow the directions on the video for making black and white and bringing out specific colors.

Content Aware Filling and Healing

  • Photoshop CS5 has an amazing feature called Content Aware that gives you even more editing power. Watch the following video and then edit the picture so the tree on the right does not block the view of the lake, mountains, and sky.

Using the Mixer Brush

  • The mixer brush is a brand new tool that allows you to give images a painted look or paint your own images. Watch the following video then make the image look like a painting.

*NOTE: Don’t worry about making your “painting” perfect, just have fun with it.

Advanced Photo Editing

  • Click on the link to open a PDF containing an advanced project. You will find the additional photo files you will need to work with in smb://Sweeney/labfiles.