Illustrator CS5 Tutorials

This is an interactive training tutorial. You will be asked to watch videos and complete the accompanying projects.

You will find video tutorials here:

Illustrator Projects Directions:

Listed below are the video tutorials you are to watch (to find each tutorial on the website, first select the Illustrator icon in the Select a Product section, then scroll through the Title section to select a video). The name of the tutorial is bolded, underneath are the materials you will need to use for each one. Some projects require you to do work in Illustrator while others have questions for you to think about. When you are prompted with a question, try to manually go through the steps described in the video.

NOTE: Although the videos are specific to Adobe Illustrator CS3, they are still applicable to Adobe Illustrator CS5 and will teach you some basic and essential skills.

Getting Started

  1. In your desktop screen click Go > Connect to Server or for a shortcut, use Open Apple + K. Type in smb://sweeney/mtwain15$ (your username instead of mtwain15). Be sure to include the dollar symbol.
  2. Sign in using your username and password. Make sure the domain or work group is ECADMIN.
  3. Return to the desktop and click Go > Connect to Server. Then type in smb://Sweeney/labfiles, and log on again using your username and password if promted.
  4. Open the Illustrator folder.
  5. Drag the all files from inside the folder (not the folder itself) to your U drive folder (inside your class year folder). The files,,,, robot_sketch.psd,, and will be used later in this tutorial.
  6. Close the labfiles window.

Creating and setting up a new document

  • Watch video

NOTE: If the Welcome Screen does not show when you open Illustrator, click on Help > Welcome Screen…

Customizing the interface

  • How do you hide or show all interface panels?
  • How do you change the color of the interface panels?
  • On a PC?
  • On a Mac?

Creating type on a path

  • How do you control where your text starts and stops?
  • Create a circle and put Elmira College on the top and Information Technology at the bottom. Change the color to a shade of purple and the text to Goudy Old Style.

Selecting and manipulating objects

  • What is the regular selection tool used for?
  • What is the direct selection tool used for?
  • There is a new pull down menu once you select the regular selection tool. What does this pull down allow you to do?

Using the line, eraser, and shape tools

  • Can you change the number of sides on a polygon or the number of points on a star? If so how?
  • How do you constrain an object so it is proportional?
  • How do you quickly change the number of sides of a polygon or the points on a star?
  • Create a document that has the following objects, each a different color:
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • 10 point star
  • 6 sided polygon
  • Rounded corner rectangle
  • Triangle
  • On one of the objects erase it so that there is an “EC” inside.

Using the pen tool

  • Create an abstract image using the pen tool. Make the fill color purple and the stroke color gold.

Using the paintbrush tool

  • Create a banner that says “Welcome to Elmira College” on it. The text should be Goudy Old Style, 14 font.

Using the pencil tool

  • Create a square and then round two of the corners. On the same document create a triangle and make one of the sides wavy.

Scaling, skewing, and rotating objects

  • Take the Illustrator document and move the star and polygon inside the rectangle. Rotate the polygon so it is level with the bottom of the rectangle and skew the star. Keep in mind that both items need to be scaled down so they fit inside of the rectangle.

Working with layers and groups

  • In the layers panel, the double ringed circle allows the user to do what?
  • Open the document and complete what was in the video.

Using live paint

  • Open the document and follow along with the video.

NOTE: If you cannot find the Live Paint Bucket Tool you may need to click and hold on the Shape Builder Tool and select it from the drop down.

Using live trace and live paint

  • Open the document and follow along with the video. The robot_sketch.psd is located in the same folder.

Using brushes from brush libraries

  • Open the document and follow along with the video. Create the coffee bean and then a new document with 3 different borders. 

Using Recolor Art to change colors in illustrations

  • Open the document. You will be using the submarine and putting it in a two color combination of your choice.