Creating and Setting up a New Document

Creating and setting up a new document 

This shows you how to create a new document. You will learn how to make various settings to set up your file.


To follow along with this article, you will need the following software and files:

  • Illustrator CS5

Creating and setting up a new document

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator CS5. The Welcome Screen will appear automatically, unless you have modified your preferences to hide it. To fix this got to  Help > Welcome Screen to show the screen.

    The Welcome Screen contains options to create various types of new documents, including a print, web, mobile, device document, and many more. If you are new to Illustrator CS3, these document profiles include settings that let you export the best quality document depending on the chosen media. This is a major improvement. 

    The Illustrator Welcome Screen lets you quickly create a variety of documents.

  2. Click Print Document from the Create New heading. The New Document dialog box will appear.
  3. Type a name of your choice in the Name text box. 
  4. The document size is preset according to the document profile. You can choose various measurements, such as picas, pixels and inches, from the Units menu; Width and Height measurements update automatically.
  5. Click the Advanced button to display additional options: Color Mode, Raster Effects to select the resolution for effects such as drop shadows, and Preview Mode. These options are preset based on the document profile. You can change them here if you'd like.Use the New Document dialog box to select a document's profile and other settings.
  6. Choose Video and Film from the New Document Profile drop down to see how the default settings change depending on the document type. Figure 3 shows the updated Width and Height values, color mode, and Transparency Grid setting, which are unique to this document profile.

    Advanced options in the New Document dialog box include setting the color mode.

  7. Click OK to view the new document. The document shows safe areas and alignments already set up, according to the document profile, to let you position your artwork more exactly.

Using Templates

  1. Click From Template in the Illustrator CS3 Welcome Screen. The New From Template dialog box appears (see Figure 4), listing the built-in templates stored in the Cool Extras/Templates folder.

    The New From Template dialog box lists built-in Illustrator templates.

  2. To preview the templates, you can either:

    • Go to the main Illustrator window (outside the dialog box) and click the Go to Bridge button at the upper righthand corner to view the template in Adobe Bridge CS3.
    • Or, in the New From Template dialog box, click the View Options button in the upper right and choose Thumbnails.

    Choose your template and begin working.

Open a saved document

  1. To open a saved file, on the left side of the Illustrator Welcome Screen, click Open A Recent Item. Browse to your file, and click it.
  2. You only need to click once on the links to open the file. This is the quickest way for you to open saved files and start working in Adobe Illustrator.