Promethean Board (Pen Only) - GTL Conference Room

GTL Conference Room - Terrace Level of the Library Building
  • Enter the conference room to locate the remote and keyboard/trackpad on the table. There are two interactive white boards in the room: SMART Board 800 (pen and touch) and Promethean ActivBoard (pen only), which are labeled on their top frames.
  • The Promethean Board should already be turned on. The indicator light (flame icon) in the upper left corner for the board should be lit white to indicate that it is connected and powered on. If not, please contact the IT Help Desk. 
  • Point the Epson remote about one foot from the projector above the Promethean board and press the remote's power on button, which will blink while warming up until it is solid green.
  • Using the keyboard with the integrated trackpad press the space bar to wake up the computer.
  • Log on with your Elmira account. You can use the flash drive (USB jacks to the left of the board), your U drive, or Google drive to access your ActivInspire flipcharts.
  • Choose Start > All Programs > Applications > ActivInspire.
  • The ActivInspire pen is on the left side of board.  
  • The Flip Chart mode is enabled by default. Use the pen to tap the Desktop Annotate tool if you wish to interact directly with the desktop.
  • You can now annotate items on the screen with the pen using the tools to the right. 
  • A list of common tools in the Main Toolbar:
  • Adjust the speaker volume in the taskbar if you need to control volume. 

Before Leaving
  • When finished: log off, turn off the projector, and replace the pen in its holder on the left of the board.
  • Note: Newer models of the Promethean Board that allow pen and touch have been installed in Watson 206 and Watson 216.