Lectern Quick Start - Epson Interactive Projector

Below are steps to start up the Epson interactive projector to use with the built-in PC or Bluray player.

Desktop PC
  • Make sure that the monitor light is on - the button should be lit blue.  
  • Press the keyboard's spacebar to activate the monitor screen. 
  • Make sure that the PC button is selected. If the button is not lit, then press to select it. 
  • Press the control panel's ON button to turn on the projector. The button will blink until the projector is fully powered on.
  • You can log on to the PC while the projector is warming up.
  • If you have a USB flash drive or remote presenter you can plug in the drive and receiver into the USB 1 and 2 slots.
  • Rotate the volume control knob until the red light appears at the top. 
  • Adjust the speaker volume in the taskbar.

Bluray Player
  • Press the control panel's ON button to turn on the projector.
  • Press the control panel's BLURAY button.
  • The projected surface may display IN1606: Input 5 No Signal (player is not yet turned on).
  • Press the DVD player on button to turn it on (light will turn white). 
  • Press the eject button and insert your DVD.
  • Do not use the Play button, which will display This operation is currently prohibited for this disc. 
  • Use the remote and point it towards the player. Use the center navigation arrows in the center of the remote to move to scene that you want to play. Press the enter button inside the navigation arrows to play your scene.
  • Use the POP UP/MENU button the remote, again pointing it towards the player, to go to the previous menu.  

Epson Interactive Projector (pen only)
  • Epson interactive projector (toolbar will display on the left). If the toolbar is closed, you can start Easy Interactive Tools by choosing Start > All Programs > Epson Projector > Easy Interactive Tools
  • Use one of the two pens (one blue, the orange at the base to allow simultaneous writing) and make sure it is powered on by moving the switch to on ( from O to | ). 
  • Point the pen at the board. 
The pens turn off automatically after about 20 minutes of inactivity. Slide the switch to turn the pen back on.