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Pages '09 as Word .doc

The Macintosh word processor Pages '09 is part of the Apple iWork '09 suite that also includes Keynote (presentation app like PowerPoint) and Numbers (spreadsheet app like Excel). Pages documents by default save in a proprietary file format with the extension .pages (e.g. mypaper.pages) and will not open in Microsoft Word, which is the standard word processor for academic work at Elmira College. You should therefore submit assignments to your professors in Word .doc format. Please follow these steps to save your Pages Documents in Word format.

Information Technology strongly recommends that you purchase Microsoft Office 2011 for your Macintosh computer, which is currently available from the Apple Store for Education

Saving Pages Documents as a Microsoft Word Document

  • Open the document in Pages on your Macintosh computer.
  • Make any necessary editing changes.
  • Choose File > Save to ensure you have the latest saved version of your Pages document.
  • Choose File > Save As. Follow steps 1 -3 to save a copy of your Pages document as a Microsoft Word document. Your original Pages document remains.
  • Locate your Word formatted file (e.g. mypaper.doc), which you can use for submitting assignments such as uploads to ANGEL and Turnitin drop boxes.
If you need submit a revision of your Pages document, make the necessary editing changes and follow the steps above to save a new copy in Word format.

Printing Pages '09 Documents in the Nathenson Computer Center

Using an iMac in the Lab
  • Check at the IT Help Desk for the location of iMacs that have iWorks '09 installed.
  • Open your Pages document and choose File > Print
Using Your Personal Laptop
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