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ANGEL Drop Box

Drop Box Steps
  • Log on to and go to your course page.
  • Click the Lessons tab.
  • Click to open the assigned drop box (e.g. Nutrition Essay) and follow steps 1 - 3.
  • Follow steps 1 - 4 to upload your file to the drop box.
  • Although you have been returned to the your drop box, you have not yet submitted your paper. Complete these two steps.
  • If your web browser prompts  to make sure that you are prepared to submit the document, click OK.  An ANGEL screen will tell you that you have successfully uploaded your file.
  • Click OK
At this point, you should have been returned to the drop box.  Unless the instructor states otherwise, only you and your instructor can see the paper, the grade and the instructor’s comments.
If you’re unsure about anything you just did, please repeat this section!  Drop boxes are among the most used features in ANGEL and it’s vital to know how to work within them with precision.