QuickBooks 2011 Quickstart

Starting QuickBooks
  • Log onto a computer in Lab B with your Eaglenet username and password.
  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Choose Applications > QuickBooks Pro 2011
  • Click OK on the Automatic Update screen

  • Click Install Later on the Automatic Update screen.

Opening a New QuickBooks Company

         The QuickBooks Home page includes a setup guide to create a new company.
  • Click the Create a new company file button.

  • Click the Start Interview button.

  • Follow the instructions to start a new company until you come to the “Set up your administrator password” page.
  • DO NOT create a password, click Next. Your instructor will need to access your assignment and will be unable to access it if you set up a password.

  • When you are ready to save your new company, you will save it to your own QuickBooks folder created on\\twain\winapps.
  • Navigate to winapps on ‘twain’ (X-drive).

  • Your company name automatically displays in the File name: then click SAVE.
Opening an Existing QuickBooks Company

    There are several ways to open an existing company file for use with QuickBooks:

  • Click Open a company file in the QuickBooks window that appears when you launch QuickBooks.

  • Use the File menu's Open Company command.
  • Navigate to winapps on "twain" (X-drive) and select your file.
Printing Reports
  • Any time you have a report displayed in the report window, you can print it by clicking the Print button in the report buttonbar.

Backing Up Your Company Data

You should back up your QuickBooks company files daily. Backup copies are important insurance – if you should lose data for any reason, you can restore data from your backup copy.
  • Go to the File menu and click Create Backup.

  • Choose Local backup, click Next.

  • Choose Save It Now then click Next.
  • Navigate to your U-drive and click Save. You can also save to a CD or flash drive.