ProSeries Quickstart

Starting ProSeries
  • Log onto a computer in Lab B with your Eaglenet username and password.
  • Click on the Start Menu.
  • Choose Applications > proseries2011.

Proseries.bat must be chosen to start the software and correctly map your personal data folder.
  • Please wait patiently. The software takes time to load.
  • Choose No to prompt "Would you like to transfer last year’s client files?" if it appears.
  • Choose File > New Client.

  • Click to choose the Tax Return type, which should be for tax year 2010. This example uses the 2010 US Form 1040: Individual Income Tax Return.

  • Click the OK button.
  • Complete your tax return. For assistance press the F1 key or choose Help > Help Center to bring up the ProSeries Help Center window. You can position the window next to your tax return document window as a handy reference guide.
Saving Your Data

Your personal Proseries directory is mapped to the Y-Drive. All tax files must be saved to this drive. Proseries must be started by choosing Start > Applications > proseries.bat on Lab B computers only.
  • Choose File > Save Client.
  • Navigate to your Y-Drive, which is mapped to your personal Proseries data folder. Refer to the figures below (mtwain07 is used as an example).
Y is mapped to \\twain\winapps\proseries\mtwain07 

  • Type the name of your return in the File name box.
  • Click the Save button.
Retrieving an Existing Tax Return
  • Choose File > Open Client.
  • Navigate to your Y-Drive. Refer to the figure below (mtwain07 is used as an example).
  • Click the Open button.
Printing Your Tax Return
  • If requested for a license to print, choose File > Retrieve Product License.

  • Navigate to your Y-Drive and choose ProSeries License File (e.g. Pro Series License File.dat).
  • Click the Open button.
  • Choose File > Print. The default printer is \\ps1\B1, which is located in Lab B.
  • Click the Customize button and check the items that you need to print.
  • Avoid printing pages that you will not use.

  • Click the OK button and retrieve your printed pages.