Printing Policies

Black and White Printing

Black and white printing is free of charge at any printer in the Gannett-Tripp Library and Nathenson Computer Center. The Nathenson Computer Center has four black and white printers (Open Lab, Lab A, Lab B, and Lab C) which can be accessed by any of the computers.

Color Prints

Color prints are $1.00 per page and are charged to Student Accounts through the Business Office. The IT Help Desk does not accept cash for color prints. To print to the Color Printer chose CRL Color from the drop down menu on the print dialogue box on any computer in the Nathenson Computer Center.

If your professor sets up a printing account for a class please inform the IT Consultant so they can verify that and charge the class account rather than your Student Account.

If you are having trouble printing something from Photoshop, save the file as a JPEG and open it in Preview. If this does not work contact an IT Consultant at the Help Desk for assistance.

Resumes cost $1.00  per page if printed to the color printer. Students may ask to use resume paper provided by the IT Help Desk, please tell the IT Consultant how many pages you will need to print and they will load the paper for you to print your resume.

Printer in the MRL

The printer in the MRL is for students to print resumes and other documents on paper they provide. The printers in our labs are adjusted for a certain type/weight of paper and using different paper will cause printing issues. The printer in the MRL is to allow students to use their own paper for printing Resumes and other documents. The IT Help Desk does not supply paper for this printer, which is only listed on the computers in the MRL.