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Setting Up Dorm Connection - Vista or Windows 7

Requirements before you proceed

This page provides instructions on how to connect a PC running Vista Business, Vista Ultimate, Vista or Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, or Windows 7 Ultimate. Vista Home Basic is not supported.
  • A computer that meets the minimum requirements as defined by the Department of Information Technology. Refer to http://www.elmira.edu/campus/Offices_Resources/Information_Technology/Computer_Purchase_Program.html  for the minimum requirements or direct questions about requirements to the Information Technology Help Desk at x1915.
  • Your e-mail username (e.g. mtwain14), ECAdmin username, and password (e.g. PurpleHat!), which you receive by campus mail the first week of class.
  •  An Ethernet cable running from your network card to the Ethernet port in your room. Cables are available at the college bookstore at a reasonable price. The Ethernet port has a picture of a computer screen next to it and is colored purple to clearly distinguish it from telephone and cable jacks. (Do not force an Ethernet cable into a phone jack. Doing so may cause billable damage to your room.)
  • Before you are able to gain access to the Elmira College network and subsequently the internet, your computer will need to be registered and scanned using our Bradford Campus Manager software. This software operates through a web interface which will appear the first time you attempt to connect to the network via a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
: Setting up your Network Connection
  • Click on the START button on the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Select the Control Panel on the right half of your Start Menu or select the Control Panel in the Settings menu.
  • Select the Network and Sharing Center
  • Select Connect to a Network
  • Select Broadband Connection PPPoE Connect, then Connect
  • Type in your EC User Name and password, then Connect

STEP TWO: Renaming your Computer for our network
  • From the Control Panel select System
  • Select Change Settings, which is on the right hand side under computer name, domain, and workgroup settings.
  • Windows needs your permission to continue box comes up so select Continue.
  • Select Change…
  • In the Computer name box enter your user name (e.g. mtwain14).
  • In the Workgroup box enter your dorm (e.g. Perry, Alumni).
  • Click the OK button to exit and then close the Network Connections Window.
STEP THREE: Setting the Default Home Page

In this section you will set up the Elmira College academic home page as your default home page to allow you to easily locate current information about Instructional Technology and the library.

Internet Explorer
  • Double-click Internet Explorer to start the program.
  • Choose Internet Options from the Tools Menu
  • Type http://ecweb/ in the Home Page Address box.
  • Click the OK button.
  • The home page of ECWeb, the College’s on-campus website should display.
  • Double-click Firefox to start the program.
  • Choose Options from the Tools menu.
  • Under the Main tab, type http://ecweb/ in the Home Page Address box.
  • Click the OK button.
  • The home page of ECWeb, the College’s on-campus website should display.
Using Network Resources

You have access to Instructor Dropoff and Pickup boxes and your own personal space on the Sweeney file server. This section will guide you through setting up and using this resource.

You may store your personal files and e-mail on Sweeney (your U-drive). This folder is accessible on any networked computer that you have logged onto. You can store up to 100 MB of data on your U-drive. If you exceed the 100 MB limit, you will not be able to continue to add files until you remove some.

When you have finished using your computer always press CTRL + ALT + DEL, click the Log Off button, and then click Yes to confirm. Never leave your computer automatically logged on when you leave it for any period of time.

Additional Help

If after completing this guide, you are unable to successfully connect to the Elmira College Network, please call the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 1915 to request and appointment with an Information Technology PC Specialist.