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U Drive - Macintosh

Elmira College students have access to personal network drives that are accessible from Macintosh or Windows computers. The U drive is typically used for documents such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. The current size limit for your U drive is 100MB.

Attention! The instructions below are for your personal Macintosh computer. If you are using a Macintosh in the computer labs or classroom simply click the U drive icon in the dock.
  • Choose Go > Connect to Server
  • Type smb://sweeney/mtwain10$ in the Server Address box. Replace mtwain10 with your username and make sure that the $ symbol is at the end.
  • Click the Connect button. Wait patiently while connecting ...
  • Enter your username and password. Attention! Do not check the Remember password box.

  • Click Connect. Your U drive will display on the desktop.
  •  To make an alias of your U drive, click on the U drive icon and press Command + L. This will create an alias that will allow you to access your U drive without having to enter the server's address each time. This shortcut will stay on the desktop and only require you to enter your password to access the files stored on your U-drive.
If your U drive does not display on the desktop, open Finder and navigate to Preferences > General and make sure that Connected Servers is checked under Show these items on the desktop.
  • You can open your U drive into a window to view your files. The U drive is available from both Windows and Macintosh computers in labs and classrooms.
  • When finished Control-click on the U drive icon and choose Eject.
  • Choose Apple menu > Log Out.