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Device registration

Gaming Devices

You can automatically register your Xbox, Xbox360, Playstation2, Playstation3, Nintendo Wii, GameCube, or mobile devices on the Elmira College network. Go to 
http://itregister/registration (on-campus registration only).

Mobile Devices - Self Registration

You can register or re-register your mobile device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Blackberry phone, Android phone or tablet) by opening the web browser on your phone or tablet and entering your Elmira College e-mail address and password when the registration page prompts.
  • Start the web browser on your phone or tablet. A Welcome to the Elmira College Network screen Displays.
  • Click the link: Choose here for users with an ELMIRA COLLEGE E-mail account.
  • When the registration page prompts enter your full e-mail address and password. If necessary, manipulate your device to expand the text boxes to make typing easier. 
  • Click the Continue button. The screen below should display with You have successfully registered on the network
  • Restart your device's web browser and go to an external web page such as http://usatoday.com
  • If the web browser does not display a page, then please restart your phone or tablet and run the browser again.
Need help? Please contact the IT Help Desk in person, by phone: 607-735-1915 or by e-mail: helpdesk@elmira.edu. 

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