Student Publications

Over the last ten years, I have sponsored selected E.C. students from my courses in Sir Thomas Malory and Chaucer and the Medieval Literature to present papers at the Plymouth State Medieval-Renaissance Forum in Plymouth, NH. Read Student Papers for the 2010 Forum. PDF

To be invited, a student must, first, write an exceptional seminar paper for either course and then rework, rewrite and edit the paper to make it "conference ready." Since the paper is presented to an audience, the student is also coached in the reading and defending of it. Dr. Gary La Pointe, a perennial contributor to the Medieval-Renaissance Forum, assists in preparing the students for their presentations. Below, is a list of students and their paper titles from past Forums.

~ 2001 (22nd) ~
  • Jessica Austin, Depravity and Disguise in Camelot’s Forest
  • Joseph Charneskie, Sir Gareth: Camelot’s Last Straw
  • Julia Corrice, The Shifting Ideal of Chivalry
  • Michelle Grant, Sir Gawain: Consistently Irrational
  • Forrest Helvie, Malory’s Mount Saint Michael Episode
  • Elizabeth Hofmann Bunce, Sir Breuse Saunz Pite
  • Rebecca Young, Forgiving Camelot
~ 2004 (25th) ~
  • Allison Caros, Sir Gareth: Nobility as Self-Knowledge
  • Stephen Dukenski, Patterns of Comedy: Arthur’s Conception and Coronation
  • Stacie Harris, Morgan Le Fay: One Tough Witch
  • Jessica Newton, Swords of Order: Swords of Chaos
~ 2006 (27th) ~
  • Meghan Francisco, "The Cycle of Sin, Sorrow, and Repentance in Palomides' Quest for Identity in Le Morte DArthur."
  • Christopher Riley, Malory’s Lancelot: An Arthurian Everyman
  • Scott Robitaille, The Development of Sir Gareth’s Identity in Le Morte DArthur
~ 2007 (28th) ~
  • Meghan Francisco, The Demise of Malory’s Camelot: Beyond The Good and Evil of Magic
  • Christopher Riley, Reason and Passion Enough in Malory’s The Tale of Sangreal
--2008 (29th)--
  • Christopher Riley, "A Transcultural 'Cuchulain'"
  • Forest Helvie '01, The Forman School, "The Pardoner: Questions of Immorality and Sexuality"
--2009 (30th)—
  • Forest Helvie '01, The Forman School, "The Madness of Sir Launcelot: The Problem of Identity
--2010 (31st)—
  • Rebekah Douglas, "Arthur's Fall: No One to Blame but Himself"
  • Kellie O'Conner, "Dynadan: Courtly Love and Chivalry Exposed "
  • Rachel Plass, "Gwynevere: The Power of Sex and Satus"
  • Raven See, "Orkney Blood Revenge and Gawain's Role in the Demise of the Round Table"
  • Raymond See, "Dynadan and Breuse Sans Pite: Chivalric Foils"
  • Bridget Sharry, "Fellowship and Fatherhood: The Sublimation of Family for Chivalry"
  • Leslie Swayze, "Arthur's Gradual Withdrawal from Britain and his Failure as King"
  • Lawrence Willard, "The Poison Brewing in Camelot"
--2011 (32nd) Plymouth Medieval Forum
  • John Day, "Emasculation and Retribution:  The Demise of Arthur in The Alliterative Morte Arthure."
  • Rachel Plass, "Launcelot's Madness in Le Morte D'Arthur."
  • Raymond See, "Divine Intervention in Malory's 'Tale of the Sangreal.'"
  • Lawrence Willard, "Arthur's Italian Campaign:  Greatness Undone in The Alliterative Morte Arthure."