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Course NumberCourse Title
ENG 1075 Introduction to Literature 
ENG 1101 Foundations of Literature: The Hero 
ENG 1104 Foundations of Literature: The American Short Story 
ENG 1905 Comedy in Film, or: Fun Flicks (w/P. Schwartz) 
ENG 1925 American Mythologies: The Dream of Success 
ENG 1926 American Mythologies: Main Street, America 
ENG 2020 Major English Authors I (Medieval and Renaissance) 
ENG 2021 Major English Authors II (Medieval and Renaissance) 
ENG 2022 Major English Authors III (Medieval and Renaissance) 
ENG 2930 Perspectives on Native Amer. in Lit. and Filem (w/P. Schwartz) 
ENG 2941 Shakespeare on Film (w/P. Schwartz) 
ENG 3071 Modern Drama 
ENG 3072 Modern British Novel 
ENG 3110 Irish Writers: Yeats, Joyce, and Synge* 
FRS 1010 When Worlds Collide 
HUM 1903/2010 Early Ireland to 1850* 
Showing 16 items