Outside Interests

Music: Play and compose for Guitar, Bass, Keyboards in various styles from Classical to Jazz to Metal. I have played in several bands- Fly By Nite (Jazz Ensemble), Fun With The Huns (Contemporary Rock), Sgt. Pepper's Beatles Fantasy Show (Classic Rock), Exparte Communications (Alternative), Bobby Preston Band (Classic Rock), ASMS Jazz Band (Big Band)

Martial Arts: Hold Black Belt (Yu-dan-sha, Ni-dan) in Washin Ryu Karate; Certified Educational Karate Trainer

Science and Technology - I coach for Lego Robotics team; FLL League. I am fascinated by what makes the world tick. So this expands to my interest in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology. 

Movies and Film Studies- I teach several courses in Film Studies at EC dealing with the Art and Science of Cinema.

Cosmology - When the night is clear I like to look at the cosmos through my telescope. When it is cloudy I enjoy reading and studying Physical, Historical, Religious and Mythical Cosmology.

Philosophy - I study general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. I love to read the about and discuss the thoughts of others.

"Always practice as if you are doing it for real, that way when you have to do it for real you do it just like you did it in practice." Master Hidy Ochiai (Sensei)