I am Liz Wavle-Brown, Dean of the Gannett-Tripp Library at Elmira College. I have been an explorer in libraries my entire life and have worked professionally with computers in libraries and information technology since 1979, when I entered the University of Michigan as a graduate student in library and information science.  The University of Michigan's library science program was one of the first in the United States to begin to blend library science and information technology.  My career at Elmira College spans nearly 30 years (1980-1998, 2004-) and includes working with many different technologies from the earliest Apple computers and Franklin PCs on our campus which were housed in the GTL, to devices that have become smaller and smaller, such as smart phones and tablets. I have written computer programs for mainframe computers that are larger than my office, with less memory and less speed than my iPhone.  I am particularly interested in the application of emerging technologies, Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and social networking in the higher education environment in both learning and administrative settings, as well as for entertainment.  My iTunes Library contains over 8,500 musical selections.  My Tom-Tom speaks Homer Simpson.
My love of learning, and libraries began when I was a young girl in the sixties, growing up in Homer, a small village, in Central New York state.  We lived in a historic village home, just one block from the Phillips Free Library and it was there that a wonderful librarian, Miss Baldwin, assisted me and scores of other children, and adults, find just the right next book to read. As a child, reading opened my eyes
to the larger world around me, and took my mind on grand adventures.  I continue to be an avid reader, who prefers holding a book, but appreciates my Kindle and Kindle apps. I read to learn, I read for entertainment, I read to provide context to my life and the larger world around us. I read to discover and explore ideas and places. I read for comfort in times of loss and to nurture my spirit and my soul.
As my career, and technologies, have evolved and advanced over the past 36 years, I have been guided by one simple principle, or maybe two, or three - my goal  is to help you and all those who come to the Gannett-Tripp
Library to be successful.  The Library staff is here to help you succeed and to support you as you learn at Elmira College. The Library is a place to read, research, explore, discover, study and learn.  We will help you find information, identify resources, and teach you to navigate and access the millions of resources that are available at your Library and beyond.  Our multi-use facility includes library collections, the Mark Twain and Elmira College Archives, the Tutoring Center, Writing Center, Career Services, Student Advocacy and Retention, the Counseling Center, the Nathenson Computer Center and Computer Labs, classrooms, photo dark rooms, study rooms for quiet study or collaboration, a multimedia lab and a research lab.  
I hope you visit your Library often!