Requirements for the Major

Core Required Courses:

SOC/ANT 1040 Cultural Anthropology (3.0)
SOC/ANT 1010 Introductory Sociology (3.0)
SOC/ANT 2010 Social Inequality (3.0)
SOC/ANT 3250 The Culture of Global Capitalism (3.0)
SOC/ANT 3150 Social Theory (3.0)
SOC/ANT 3260 Qualitative Methods (4.0)

Total Core requirements for the major (19.0)


Twenty-one credits of elective with a SOC/ANT field code. At least 6 credits must be 3000-level courses.

Total requirements for the major: (40.0)

All the core required classes are taught each year. There are multiple sections of Introduction to Sociology and at least one section of Cultural Anthropology taught each term. Social Theory is taught every Fall term, and Qualitative Methods is taught every Winter term. The required Social Inequality course touches on many of the central substantive issues of Sociology as a discipline, and the required Culture of Global Capitalism core course focuses on themes central to the discipline of Anthropology; a section of each is taught each year. All other classes are considered electives, and rotate through the teaching schedule as close as possible to a 2-year rotation.