This is the web page for Martha Easton, Associate Professor of Sociology at Elmira College.

I came to Elmira College in 2005. I received my BA from Swarthmore College (in Sociology and Anthropology) and my PhD from the University of Minnesota in Sociology. I teach in both the Sociology and Anthropology Program and in Women’s Studies. Currently, I am the Coordinator of the Women’s Studies Program on campus.

I believe that students can learn a lot by traveling to other cultures and experiences new ways of thinking.  I am delighted to be able to travel with students at Elmira College, and I have created several special spring Term III travel courses. I regularly teach a course that travels to South Africa to study issues of race and society.  In 2015, I taught a class on globalization that traveled to Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Thailand to examine how local cultures interact with global forces in our rapidly internationalizing world.  My European Union class spent three weeks traveling to major European cities where students had the chance to meet European citizens who are engaged in the work (and protest) of European identity building. I also teach a class that travels to India, where students have the chance to examine gender and globalization issues while spending three weeks traveling and visiting important cultural, religious, and historic sites. I also regularly take students to Brazil, where we look at multiculturalism, economics, and society as we visit the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro, and the Afro-Brazilian capital of Salvador de Bahia.  

My research interests are in two areas: work on national identity in Europe, and work on the social construction of gender and race. My dissertation work was completed in Norway, where I spent several years doing fieldwork on the creation of Norwegian identity in the face of the European Union.

At Elmira College, I am the faculty advisor for students pursuing a Fulbright Fellowship.  I am also the one of the organizers of the Student Research Conference every May.  I am the faculty advisor for the Multicultural Center Student Advisory Board.

I am the Coordinator of the Women’s Studies Program and I am one of several faculty members who teach the Senior Seminar in Feminist Studies for our Women’s Studies students; I also teach several electives in the program. In addition, I am the Advisor for Iota Iota Iota, the Women’s Studies honor society.

I really enjoy teaching, and I enjoy working with students both in and out of the classroom. I also enjoy doing research with students, and taking students to regional or national academic conferences. Teaching at a small liberal arts college like Elmira College has been a wonderful opportunity to teach broadly, work with promising students, and share my interest in international studies.