My research primarily concerns the relationship between art, politics, and ethics in various 19th and 20th century European and American philosophers. I've published and presented work on Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Stanley Cavell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Michel Foucault, and Martin Heidegger. I believe that philosophers should try to make their work more accessible to a broader audience, and my recent work has begun to reflect this. Selected Publications

Here is a link to my current CV.

This is a sample of my recent and forthcoming work. For more information, please see my CV above.

Journal Articles:

"The Art of Life: Foucault's Reading of Baudelaire's 'The Painter of Modern Life,'" The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, Forthcoming.

" 'Fiat Ars--Pereat Mundus': The Relevance of Benjamin's 'Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction' for Understanding the War on Terror," Radical Philosophy Review: Art, Praxis, and Social Transformation Special Issue, Forthcoming

" Foucault , Iran , and the Question of Religious Revolt," 2006 Selected Proceedings of the European Studies Conference (2007) .

"Foucault's Alleged Irrationalism: The Legacy of German Romanticism in the Thought of Michel Foucault."Idealistic Studies, 36:1 (2006).

"Autonomy, Revolt, and Religion in Foucault," Journal of Philosophy and Scripture , 2:1 (2004)Journal of Philosophy and Scripture , 2:1 (2004).

Book Chapters:

"The True Red Sox Fan," The Red Sox and Philosophy: Green Monster Meditations, a volume in Open Court Press' Popular Philosophy and Culture Series. Ed. Michael Macomber (Chicago: Open Court, 2010).

The Virtues of the Wizard of Oz" (with Randall E. Auxier) for The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy , a volume in Open Court Press' Popular Philosophy and Culture Series. Ed. Randall E. Auxier and Philip Seng (Chicago: Open Court, 2008).


Junichi Murata, "Space and Color: Toward an Ecological Phenomenology." Continental Philosophy Review , 38:1 (2005).


Michael Sandel, The Case Against Perfection. Journal of Value Inquiry. Forthcoming.

Edward McGushin. Foucault's Askesis: An Introduction to the Philosophical Life. Continental Philosophy Review, 42:4 (March 2010).

Review of John Lysaker, Emerson and Self Culture . Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, November 17, 2008.

Johanna Oksala, Foucault on Freedom Foucault Studies no. 5, pp. 136-141, December 2007.

Current work includes the "Parrhesia" and "Conduct" entries for the Cambridge Encyclopedia to Foucault and an essay entitled "Political Spirituality and Counter-Conduct: Foucault's Iranian Writings in Context" for an upcoming issue of Foucault Studies on Foucault and Religion.

Recent Conference Presentations: 

"Toward a Metaphysics of Finitude: Adorno and German Romanticism," Annual Meeting of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy in Montreal.

"Hannah Arendt and CLR James on the Meaning of Revolution," Bi-Annual Meeting of the Radical Philosophy Association in Eugene, Oregon.

During the summer of 2010, I was a participant in a discussion of Salomon Maimon's recently translated Essay on Transcendental Philosophy at the blog Perverse Egalitarianism.

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