Educational Outreach

Educational Outreach

Community Outreach Activities

My various activities in the community clearly demonstrate the commitment that I have to educational outreach programs. I have dedicated much of my academic career to developing, administering, mentoring and seeking funding for programs that reach out into the community and develop connections between colleges-teachers-families-young persons and researchers. My CV speaks of the many outreach activities I have either developed or participated in. I have successfully sought funding from various sources [in and out of EC] and will continue to do so. My degree, teaching and administrative experiences and scholarly research record gives me an edge of credibility when seeking and developing new and existing relationships within the college and in the community.

I strongly feel that as educators and scientists we should provide the links and mentoring activities to encourage others to understand and experience the excitement in science! And… possibly decide to choose Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics [STEM] professions someday!

AAUW Community Action Grant – WISE Program

The Women Investigating Stream Ecology [WISE] program provided area young women extended educational opportunities, challenges, encouragement, and support to promote SMET career directions. The successful program ran during the summers of 2007 and 08. Fifteen young women were invited to attend from three of the area schools 6-12 th grade. The symposium at the end was well attended and included the local AAUW chapter officers, teachers, parents and families. I hope to seek additional funding to continue this excellent experience for young women. The program news release and web site can be seen at;

The final site can be viewed at:

WAY COOL Family Science Events

Many young adolescents express an interest in science and technology, but too few continue to choose it as a major in later high school years or college. The educational pipeline of student interest has been shown in studies to drop off precipitously beginning in the early years of middle school and continuing through high school (Scientific American 1992). Students in urban areas have been found to be particularly “turned off” by the perceived extensive technical content in classes and lack of the ability for hands-on involvement (Science 1993). Many young persons have limited access to exciting and thought-provoking science activities to encourage and sustain their interest. The question becomes, “why has science become un-cool?”

I am particularly interested in attracting students into science and teacher education programs [as science and mathematics majors]. To heighten student interest in the sciences and help to involve students [and their parents] I and EC undergraduate students travel to local middle schools to host “Family Science Nights.” In particular we work with the administration, teachers and parents [PTA] to organize and deliver an evening of 8-10 hands-on science activities for students and parents to participate in. The event is intended to increase excitement and involvement and put the FUN back into science!

I have partnered with College for Every Student [CFES] school partners to bring our “Way Cool” events to enlighten and entertain young scholars from many schools both far and near. Last year we visited the Central Leather Stocking Area Schools [5 schools participated]; Laurens Middle School and Wells Middle School. This year we will be visiting Spencer Van-Etten schools, as both family and classroom events.

College for Every Student CFES

I am the Elmira College Partner Coordinator. CFES is an excellent program that allows Elmira College to be more involved in recruiting and enrolling students from traditionally underrepresented groups [first generation college students, students from small rural schools, African American, Pacific Islanders, and Hispanic American students]. The CFES program is designed to link highly motivated and achieving students in grades K-12 with mentors and in partner colleges; providing academic support, encouragement and extended opportunities for enrollment and success in college. This is an excellent way to better link EC into the pipeline of providing educational opportunities for students who, academically are qualified but otherwise may lack the incentives and ability to get into excellent schools of higher education like Elmira College.

Please contact me if you wish to come to Elmira College to visit! We also will waive the application fee, when you decide to apply!