I grew up in Gainesville, FL (home of the UF Gators). I have been up in the northeast since college, but am still getting used to living in western NY and dealing with sub-zero temperatures! Gainesville is in the north of Florida, and it does get "cold" - once during high school, it even snowed flurries for about 15 minutes. But you'll still see me with a hat on a lot of the time.

I received my bachelor's degree in chemistry from Princeton University in 2003, where I did research in an organic chemistry lab. I started graduate school at Yale University in 2004. I was fully intending to become an organic chemist. I had to take a class on chemical biology from Alanna Schepartz, and thought it was so interesting that I ended up joining her lab, where my thesis research focused on designing peptides that could pass through cell membranes. After graduating in 2010, I returned to Princeton to work as a postdoc for the Hecht lab, where the research focuses on unnatural proteins with function.