Selected Publications
  1. Food Insecurity and Standardized Test Scores (with Abigail Carr), Accepted for publication, International Journal of Applied Economics.
  2. Remittances and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Mexico (with Oscar Cardenas), International Labour Review.
  3. Did Infant Mortality Decline cause Fertility Decline? Evidence from a Panel Data Analysis of Developing Countries, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 35, issue 1, 2015.
  4. Housing Quality Gap for Minorities and Immigrants in the U.S.: Evidence from the 2009 American housing Survey (with Kusum Mundra), Journal of Housing Research, Vol 24(1), 2015.
  5. A Comparative Study of the Indicators of Success on the PGA Tour: A Panel Data Analysis (with Patrick Reilly), International Journal of Economic Practices and Theories, Vol 3(1), 2013.
  6. Energy Consumption and US Economic Growth: A Multivariate Vector Error Correction Model (with Cassondra Bruce), Journal of Energy and Development, Vol 38, 2013 ( Feature article).
  7. The Long Run Determinants of the U.S. Trade Balance: A Reexamination Using Bi & Multivariate Cointegration Approaches, Research in Applied Economics, V 4 (1), March 2012.
  8. Mexican Municipalities and the Flypaper Effect (with Oscar Cardenas), Public Budgeting & Finance, Wiley, 31, n 3 (Fall 2011):73-93.
  9. Groom Price-Female Human Capital: Some Empirical Evidence (with P. Frijters),  Journal of Socio-Economics, Elsevier, V 38, n 2 (March 2009): 270-79.
  10. Education Spending and Fiscal Reform in Mexico (with Oscar Cardenas), Journal of International and Global Economic Studies, V 1, n 2 (December 2008): 112-27.
  11. Illegal Immigration: Multiple Equilibria Revisited, Proceedings of the International Applied Business Research Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2008.
  12. Health Care Levels and Human Development in Vietnam (with Quan Le and Le Viet Hung), Proceedings of the sixth Indochina Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences, December 15-18, 2009, Hue City, Vietnam.
  13. Relationship between Education and Income in the United States: A Vector Error Correction Model (with Christian Bruce), Proceedings of the First International Conference on Global Business, Economics, Finance, and Social Sciences, Chennai, India, January 2014.

Selected Working Papers
  1. Does Temporary Employment Program Work? Evidence from a Panel Data of Mexican States (With Oscar Cardenas).
  2. Remittances and Migration.
  3. Employment Guarantee Scheme and Child Health Outcome: Evidence from MGNREGA Using Propensity Score Matching Analysis.
  4. Short-Term Morbidity and Employment Guarantee Scheme: Evidence from India.
Selected Recent Presentations
  1. Food Insecurity and Standardized Test Scores, Conference on Inclusive and Sustainable Development, Department of Economics, University of Burdwan, India, February 2016.
  2. Does Mexican Temporary Employment Program Work? Evidence from a Panel Data of Mexican States, Seventh International Seminar on Local Public Economics, Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa, November 2015, Mazatlan, Mexico (keynote address).
  3. Remittance and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Mexico, Invited Seminar, Department of Economics, Ramjas College, University of Delhi, Delhi, India, August 2015.
  4. Remittance and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Mexico, Invited Seminar, Faculty of Economics, South Asian University, New Delhi, India, August 2015.
  5. Does Mexican Temporary Employment Program Work? Evidence from a Panel Data of Mexican States, International Conference on Economic Recovery in the Post-Crisis Period, May 2015, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia, Invited Seminar. 
  6. Did Infant Mortality Decline cause Fertility Decline? A Panel Data Evidence from Developing Countries, I-SEEC, Udon Thani Rajabhat University, Udon Thani, Thailand, December 2014.
  7. Dowry-Stature Link: Theory & Evidence, Mercer University (invited seminar), October 2014, Atlanta.
  8. International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rome, Italy, January, 2014. (Discussant of the study conducted by the Independent office of evaluation (IOE) of IFAD on the impact evaluation of IFAD funded project entitled “The Dry Zone Livelihood Support and Partnership Program (DZLISPP) in Sri Lanka: Impact Evaluation” .
  9. Dowry-Stature Link: Theory & Evidence, Royal Economic Society, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK, March 2012. pdf 
  10. Does Male Offspring’s Dowry Affect Female Offspring’s Dowry? Empirical Evidence from Patna, Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics, San Diego, August 2010.
  11. Groom Price- Female Human Capital: Some Empirical Evidence, School of Economics and Finance, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, June 2008 (invited seminar).
  1. The Journal of Developing Areas
  2. Public Budgeting & Finance
  3. Oxford Development Studies
  4. Public Finance Review
  5. Publius
  6. European Journal of Development Research
  7. Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
  8. Local Government Studies