Independent Study

In addition to teaching courses within the Biology curriculum and conducting laboratory research with students, I also work with students on independent projects of their choosing as part of the BIO4500 Independent Study option. Highly motivated students wishing to delve deeply into a topic that is not offered in the current curriculum may opt to perform independent study, with the guidance of a faculty member.

In Term 3 2016, Zac Park '17 is investigating mechanisms and applications of gene editing, with a focus on Crispr/Cas-mediated genome editing and its potential applications to the control of invasive species. More updates soon!

Zac Park is a junior Biology and BioChemistry major and is a co-captain of the Men`s Cross Country team as well as an RA in Meier Hall. Zac also performs research with Dr. Kjar, focusing on the role of habitat type on competitive interactions between ant species and the mechanisms underlying invasive fire ant species persistence on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas. Upon graduation from EC, Zac hopes to attend a PhD program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and study vector mosquito species. He hails from Roscoe, NY.